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Weddings are about timeless love, radiant smiles and joyful tears. Most importantly though, we always appreciate that a wedding is about the unfolding of a very special story- your story! In our boutique photography team of three, our goal is to capture images that visually narrate your story, taking you back to the special day and beautiful memories of your wedding.

Wedding photography has always been a source of fulfillment for us, and we deeply cherish the privilege of being able to capture the very special moments that define the beginning of a journey for two people and two families. Through our journey as wedding photographers, we’ve come to appreciate the power of moments – pure, candid, timeless moments! This realization drives what we strive to achieve through our lenses. We want to tell stories; visual narratives that can transcend the lack of sound and motion in our medium, and yet, convey the energy and emotion of the day.

While we try to capture candid moments in the spirit of photojournalism, we always look for an opportunity to play with off camera lights, creative composition and a number of experimental techniques to create fine art portraits that can, hopefully, push the envelop of our creativity. Both these elements, combined together, represent our body of work. The best description of our work, however, is our portfolio. So feel free to browse through some of our wedding blogs and ask us for a couple of full length galleries, and we will be happy to share those with you!

For answers to many frequently asked questions about our work, pricing etc. please check our FAQs page.

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