Washington DC Wedding Getting Ready Photos of Bride
KetaNuva Photography

Washington DC Wedding Getting Ready Photos of Bride

This was a fun picture of reflections of the bride as she was getting ready for her big day.  Angles, compositions and moments come together for beautiful photographs.  This was no different. As Ola  Was putting on her makeup, I noticed the reflection from the side mirror as well as from her make a box. At that moment I knew if I could position myself properly, although might be a little awkward, I can compose for a shot with multiple reflections. Reflections are almost always fun, and although sometimes we don't know how the outcome would be exactly, that adds to the overall fun of the images. In this case I took a few images and readjusted my composition to finally get an image that I was quite happy with. 

Often times, it is important to explain the image to the bride so that she can understand the vision. It also helps when she knows I'm just not being awkward and getting into weird positions! In this case, I explained to Ola what I was trying to do, and she was fully on board. Although she was a bit stiff on the first two shots, eventually she started ignoring me which is pretty much what I was hoping for. 

Location: Washington DC, USA.