Staten Island Wedding Photographer
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Staten Island Wedding Photographer

To us, weddings are a collection of moments. And as photojournalists, our primary task is to capture those beautiful moments in a way that depicts the unfolding of the various stories of the day. As one of our favorite photographer, Lanny Mann, puts it, wedding photo journalism is often all about mastering the art of getting lucky! We will have to add the skill of anticipation and foresight to the element of luck. When you think, rethink and obsessively analyze the creative and documentary aspects of wedding photography, composition becomes  ingrained in your photography DNA. When layered composition comes together with a beautiful moment, we just say, ah that's a beauty right there! Here is a candid photograph from a Staten Island wedding. 

Staten Island Wedding Photographer

Storytelling Photography

In this image Frank was getting ready with his boys. when Ray Junior made a joke they both burst in laughter.  was shooting with the Canon 35mm, which also happens to be my most favorite lens when it comes to documenting events. The focal length on a full frame is absolutely ideal for lyric composition, which provides the main subject with a bit of environmental context. In this case the expression on Frank's face is priceless, but incorporating his sons and billing the broader story is what truly makes his image special for me.

Location: Staten Island, New York. .