Spring Valley New York Wedding Photographer
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Spring Valley New York Wedding Photographer

A gorgeous afternoon and lush green background in Spring Valley New York,  provided the perfect setting for a lovely couple portrait session.

The Fleeting Yet Generous Golden Hour

We love all aspects of wedding photography.  From the relatively relaxed mood of the bride and groom's getting ready through the divine ceremony and  to the late-night craziness, we love photographing it all. But if we were asked to pick only one portion of the wedding that's quite formed to us, it would probably be the couple portrait session. Although we often get quite a small window with the couple, it remains a challenge, often a very highly rewarding one to make images that the bride and groom with certainly put in their album and keep looking back as the grow old.

Although we often have minimal control over the timing of the couple sessions, we always encourage our brides to look at the possibility of placing the portrait session in and around the "Golden Hour", a photography phrase that refers to late afternoon light. This Golden Hour, basically refers to the beautiful golden glow that comes from the low angle of the sun on the horizon. Portraits around this time tend to have a natural glow and provide a flattering look. On this day, we were blessed with a gorgeous afternoon and lush green background in Spring Valley, New York and we were quite happy to take full advantage of this sublime setting  :-)

Location: Spring Valley, New York.