Best NJ Wedding Photographer Park Chateau Wedding
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Best NJ Wedding Photographer Park Chateau Wedding

Best NJ Wedding Photographer

The bridal portrait session is the time for us to get some lovely portraits of the bride. This is the session right after the bride has gotten ready and before she has to walk down the aisle or go for the First Look. This is a great time to take some fine art and creative portraits of the bride. At Park Chateau, we certainly had a great time utilizing the many doors and windows that let in plenty of natural light in the bridal suite. The bridal suite itself was very elegant with soft colored drapes. For this shot, we noticed Sara stand by the door overlooking guests arriving at the Chapel right before the ceremony. We immediately knew it would be a great shot. So, with our wide lens, we shot this beautiful, almost whimsical, shot of Sara looking through the door from her bridal suit. This certainly turned out to be one of our favorite shots from that day.

Location: 678 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.