KetaNuva Photography


Our journey with wedding photography started when a close friend asked us to document her special day. At that point, we all had a preconceived notion that wedding photography is rather “boring”! But after looking at the works of some of the best artists (yes, we do consider photography as a form of art; a fine form of expression) - we were awe struck and inspired! We were excited, curious and overall moved by the timeless imagery. Right after the first wedding, we knew wedding photography will always be a part of us! Since then we formed KetaNuva Photography, kept playing with light and shadow and gatherer some unforgettable memories through the work we did for some of the most amazing couples we ever came in contact with. Today, we look back with great joy at that point in time when we, rather nervously, said yes to our friend! Wedding photography has always been a source of fulfillment for us, and we will always cherish the privilege of being able to capture the very special moments that define the beginning of a journey for two people and two families.

Through our journey as wedding photographers, we’ve come to appreciate the power of moments – pure, candid, timeless moments! This realization also drives what we strive to achieve through our lenses. We want to tell stories; visual narratives that will document the day as it transpires. As such, our work can be best described as documentary photo journalism with an added flavor of creative/fine art portraiture. While we try to capture candid moments in the spirit of photojournalism, we try to play with off camera lights, creative composition and a number of experimental techniques to create a handful of fine art portraits. Both these elements, combined together, represent our body of work. The best description of our work, however, is our portfolio, so feel free to browse through some of our wedding blogs and ask us for a couple of full length galleries, and we will be happy to share those with you.

Last, but not least, we want to earnestly thank you for your interest in KetaNuva Photography. We're very excited that you are considering us to document your special day. Please do get in touch, and we'd love to set up some time to chat!